Along with Italian history one more perfume history which must interest us is the Arabic history in the perfumery.

The history of perfumes has its long roots in Italy. The modern version of perfume you love to wear today has its origin in Italy, developed by Italians. Being the epicenter for trade and commerce, Italians had their access to all the required flowers, oils, herbs and spices to develop various scents. Italy is still home to the largest perfume producers.

Al-Kindi in full Abu Yusuf Ya’qub ibn Ishaq Al-Kindi, “the philosopher of the Arabs”, is known for his efforts to experiment with various plants and herbs for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and perfumes and thus presented a wide range of secret varieties of fragrances.
Arabic perfumery has always been about strong culture of enchanting scents/perfumes. In Islamic culture use of perfumes has been linked with religion .Various spices, exotic woods, herbs, essential oils have been used and an immense variety of enchanting scents are produced. Exoticism has been the main feature of Arabic perfumes. Oud is best example which identifies the perfumes of the Middle East. Oud is a seductive and intense aroma also known as agarwood.