“Smell is a word , perfume is literature”–Jean-Claude-Ellena

Fragrances are much more …..

Have you ever thought of somebody because you remember a particular fragrance he/she wears. I believe we all have cherished memories of being with somebody special having a particular fragrance we felt amazing with. This is because Perfume is a story in odor, sometimes poetry in memory. Fragrance makes us dream,,, isn’t it. This is one thing which holds the capacity of reminding you of someone.

The significance of a perfume in one’s life is much more than its aroma. The mood changing aromas of various perfumes/fragrances are proven to reduce stress/anxiety and thus alleviate your mood by keeping your mind fresh and calm . Thus they are mood enhancers. It promotes mental balance.

Aromatherapy is a proven therapy for ages now which helps one release certain hormones which relieves you of tension and triggers a psychological benefit. It not only makes you more attractive than before it you start taking care of your body hygiene. Its a fantastic hobby ,takes us back to our core. Our sense of smell triggers sense of memories and thus if you choose a right fragrance for yourself, you stay unforgettable.